A website will be developed to suit your business needs. The winner will be notified to provide details of what they intend to use the site for then our developers will go to work to create an outstanding website to those specific needs. This is a $8000 value site which includes premium theme and all required plugins. Included in the package are:

  • Website

    A fully developed website to your specific business needs. Along with a domain name and hosting account.

  • Social Media

    5 social media platforms that relates to your site will be created with a minimum of 100 followers each.

  • Support Team

    Full access to our support team to get you going on functionality of your website.

  • One on One

    If you dont already have a business, a one on one will be scheduled to discuss best business for your personality.


There is no catch, just a good old website giveaway to help promote the development of this website and building our social media platforms, so we can continue to bring possibilities to all hard working Nigerians willing to bring their business and entrepreneurial ideas to life.



Congratulation on your entry for the website sweepstake. This is a chance to win a fully developed website that satisfies all your business needs.
However why wait for a chance to get your business online, great if you win but thousands have already entered which means a lot of people will be disappointed. My advice is for you to start getting yourself online today by following some of our laid down step by step guide to blogging or if you desire to become a podcaster and grow your tribe our podcast tutorials will give you all needed guide to becoming an established podcaster. Also keep in touch with us, we distribute useful newsletter that guides you through your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You can also join our Facebook group for insight to entrepreneurship and join the conversation. Once again good luck. Press play for a personal message from Harrison.